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Personal/Own is a brand that exhibits, through clothing, limitless experiments, which reconfigure design and product, juxtaposing traditional and contemporary visual codes. Personal/Own was founded in 2021 by an international team: creative director Federico Capalbo, art director Nicolas Santos, stylist Benjamin Kirchhoff and photographer Winter Vandenbrink.

Personal/Own distorts recognizable forms with deconstructed and reassembled elements and silhouettes, making for modernist street fashion with a feel of calculated turbulence. This newborn contemporary cult label injects common streetwear objects with a unique combination of novelty, subversion, and clean craftwork precision, uniting in the brand’s rebellion of familiar but seamlessly reconceived urban fashion staples.


Personal/Own is the street art of today, influenced by modern society’s relentless march toward a culturally diverse, hyper-connected, and technologically native world. We continue to build on the long succession of experiments that came before us with a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects to challenge and improve the ingrained norms, supporting the community that bears the flag of change and advancement in this new century.

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